We strive to established long-term collaborative partnerships with our customers and become their trusted partner. Such partnerships allow us to build dedicated teams, to create and maintain client specific knowledge, and to seek overall process improvements and efficiency gains over time.

PT Bengawan Solo Garment Indonesia has a reputation that has been well established to provide high quality products and services to our customers in Japan and Europe . We are greatly cherishing the basis of many years of partnership of the customer's trust and satisfy us. Our following rights are granted capable of doing business is the same as companies around the world.

We place customers at the heart of everything we do. Customer satisfaction is a key driver for our business; we believe that delivering what our customers want is the best way to grow our company. Customers talk to each other and businesses grow more when satisfied customers trust you enough to create an ongoing partnership.

We aim to build these partnerships through the way we deal with customers and by living our values every day. With a philosophy built around focus and simplicity, we have established a clear strategy that puts customers at the centre of all our activities.

Customer Experience:  Trust and satisfaction comes from the overall experience a customer receives, from initial contact right up to after sales service. We work hard to get it right every step of the way. We do this by  making sure we understand our customers and how they are different. We assess their needs and provide simple automated services or complex integrated solutions, whatever they need to become better at what they do. This understanding and flexibility helps us deliver the service levels that matter to our customers.