PT Bengawan Solo Garment Indonesia  established in Boyolali, In 2001 in Sumikin Bussan Corp Japan. Through a notary "Mr Adang Tri Sunoko, SH.,"made an article of association with deep  No. 9 dated 22 January  2001 and has been endorsed by the Minister of Law and Human Right of Indonesian No. C-06 182- HT.01.01 dated August 20, 2001.

It was modified in line with the achievement of the company's progress both of the directors, shareholding, as well as additional capital, several of garment products, and also an expansion by increasing total capacity.

For the firs time, the production process of cutting, sewing up to finish started only with 80 employees. We only produce Men's shirts with a simple style and small capacity.

Manufacturing business continues to flourish, we begin producing  various styles, both men's and lady's shirts, but also suits.

Restructuring of the machines is needed to improve productivity and high quality. We continue to invest in the most up-date technology with automatic machine to satisfy customer demands.