Men's Shirt I

while 100% Polyester, soft touch, such as the cotton is characterized. Proud of the form stability of the high level, wrinkle even inside a carrying case, making it ideal for a business trip.

It is usual to make one tailoring switching fabric part of the shoulder that have piled fabric of two sheets (back yoke), will to escape the hot air and moisture from the back yoke. In addition, it is easy to capture in a clothes cold air.

has excellent water-absorbing quick-drying, with a sense of Viet is small, and is a comfortable feel and kidnapping. In addition, dry after washing is also fast.

If you are using the deodorizing tape up under your sleeves part, will to suppress the smell unpleasant.

It is a slim silhouette Kikonaseru refreshing even take off the jacket.

It is a cutaway specification of the trend. In addition, the design specification tape, I will be worn in fashionable Notai time.

The wearing can turn even the casual to business, it is a basic design.

■ Material : Polyester: 100%