Visit Industry Gadjah Mada University to PT. BSGI
Friday 13 October 2017

Boyolali, on 11 October 2017, Japan Literary  Gadjah Mada University  deploying industry visit to PT Bengawan Solo Garment Indonesia (PT BSGI), a garment company in Boyolali, Central Java. This activity was followed by 14 students of Gadjah Mada University 2014 Japan Literature, 2 professors of literature Japan Mr. Stedi Danar, and Mr. Mulyadi also accompany in this activity.

This activity is carried out in order to acquaint students with the world of work, especially in the garment industry that exists in Central Java. The last held 2 years ago, activity was held back this year and is expected to continue every year.

The activities started at 13.00  with opening remarks by Mr. Yutaka Yamawaki  as the Financial Manager of PT BSGI. Then given a description of the industry by the Mrs Yuni as HRD PT BSGI. In the next session, discussions, it appears obvious enthusiasm of the students passing the questions given.

Then students are invited to surround and see the process of making the garment factory with staffs. In last meeting students and professors have the opportunity to meet with the Director of PT BSGI, Mr. Yoji Mori.

Hopefully this visit can be useful in the future. We accept with open arms the students all friends when it has graduated, He said.
Hopefully with the existence of such a program, students are increasingly able to develop ourselves and understand the level of our careers in various fields.